Which Top Burger List is Tops?

Which Top Burger List is Tops?
Merman Burger - Courtesy Pornburger.me
Merman Burger Courtesy Pornburger.me

Top burger lists are everywhere. Tasting Table has a great new Top 10 NYC Burger list. I look through the lists carefully and keep a personal score of which I’ve tried. I love burgers.

Umami Burger has opened their first location in New York and I’m sure all the list makers are checking it out. I bet the Umami Burger will shake up some lists to come.

Here are two lists which I really like from Fork In The Road Blog at the Village Voice and from Thrillist New York. Which of these do you prefer or is there a better one?


  1. I am a burger fanatic and after eating there this afternoon, Umami is definitely in the running for my #1 burger spot!