Where is the Drexel Love? – Is Philly a REAL sports town?

March Madness, lots of fun, lots of upsets.  No Philly area teams left in the NCAA Tournament but Drexel is still playing in the NIT, National Invitational Tournament.  Drexel just missed the NCAA Tourney but Drexel in the NIT on ESPN in prime time on a Tuesday is not bad.

I began a search for a bar with decent food with the Drexel game on TV, hoping to do a review for this site.  This began a long walking odyssey through the Washington Square West, Bella Vista and South Street neighborhoods in Philadelphia, visiting four, YES FOUR, restaurant/bars which tout themselves as sports lovers and not one had the Drexel game on.  Several have TVs everywhere yet all tuned to the Flyers.  Philly you think you are a real sports town?

Now I like the Flyers but why no Drexel?  It’s March and all hockey has been serving up lately is staged, bloody fights which have cheapened an already niche league.  Where is the love for a big local school? Drexel, Philly’s only team still playing in March, 24,000 students, started here in 1891. I am an Alum.

Drexel lost.  Maybe a little love would have made the difference?

Ask to change the channel? A real Philly bar would plan and KNOW local sports, I call it lazy and uncaring.  Is Philly a REAL sports town?

BarTaste Rating = LAME  ★☆☆☆☆ 

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