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Westbury Bar and Restaurant Philadelphia

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Some friends and I were looking for a place to sit at the bar and watch the Phillies game.  Our first choice, while not crowded, had no seats available at the bar so we decided to go to the nearby Westbury, a predominately gay bar which bills itself as a sports place.  Tuesday, May 23, 2012 about 7:30 P.M we sat down and ordered drinks and I was looking forward to doing a Westbury review.   There have been some improvements to the Westbury over the past few years including many large televisions making a TV visible from every seat at the bar.  Also there are about 16 taps with plans to soon take that number to 20 making for a very nice beer selection.  Food is basic bar food.  I had the Fish & Chips and loaded fries.  Why did I ordered so many fires? Food was good.  Menu is basic sandwiches burgers and salads.  Westbury is participating in Philly Beer Week 2012.

The Westbury Bar Experience:  The Westbury has my favorite bar setup, a center bar.  There are a couple of pillars which are part of the bar which do obstruct some views but not significantly.  The two longer sides of the bar have about 12 seats each while the two shorter sides have about 6 seats.  Bartender and wait staff are very nice and attentive and service was good.  No credit cards accepted at the bar and the drinks and food are handled separately by the bartender and waiter respectively.  Credit cards are accepted for food.  Not particularly crowded on this night.  Music is handled by a jukebox and we were not particularly happy with the selection this evening didn’t go well with the game. Maybe we should have selected the music ourselves. No game sound on tonight, just the jukebox music.

Business Travelers:  As I mentioned the Westbury has a predominately loyal, male, gay clientele from the surrounding neighborhood.  It has been part of Philadelphia’s gay scene for a long time and is not particularly close to the hotels or business district.  There were a couple of business people having drinks and food at the bar. The staff and patrons would certainly make any visitors feel welcome and comfortable. We like that there is always a sporting event on the televisions, good basic bar food and nice beer selection.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★☆☆ 

Westbury Bar and Restaurant
261 South 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Westbury Menu
Westbury at Philly Beer Week 2012

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