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The Spotted Pig is a celebrated and extremely popular gastropub in New York’s West Village.  Host to many well-known people and boldface names it can be a challenge to get into on many evenings. New York in the summer makes places like this just a bit easier to handle so on a slow summer Monday night I head to The Spotted Pig. Even though the crowds descend here often, the terrific staff makes the no reservation policy easy to deal with by pointing out some alternative seating at the bar and other places and cheerfully taking your name and number to call you when your table opens while you stroll the beautiful local Greenwich Village streets.

The Spotted Pig Experience: On Monday, July 9, 2012 about 7:30 P.M. I snag the last bar seat downstairs at the corner of the bar, order a drink and take a look at the menu and specials. I was lucky to get this seat but this is the first full summer weekday in the after the 4th of July holiday weekend. Less people in the city makes grabbing a seat easier. Not easy making a food selection from the creative but comfortably familiar menu. The Spotted Pig is well known for their Deviled Eggs which I order. Some of us at the bar discuss how we think they “cheated” when making the eggs, using more than one yolk per egg to create the heaping, overflowing and yummy filling in the Deviled Eggs. The crowd at the bar was fun and engaging, really making the entire experience terrific. The Spotted Pig is also a destination known for their burger and shoestring fries which I order. They were great and did not disappoint. The guy next to me had the Sea Bass which looked very good and he raved about it.

There are two bars, upstairs and downstairs. The downstairs bar is small facing the wall but juts into the room so you feel part of the crowd. It has about 7 seats on the long side with one short side having 3 seats with the other side having 2 seats and the service area. I sit in the corner near the door  enabling a view of much of the restaurant. The upstairs bar runs along a wall and is irregularly shaped with a couple of slight angles and about the same number of seats as the first floor bar. People are unbelievable friendly, as is the staff.

Business Travelers:  I mentioned several times about the crowds and possible waits but don’t be discouraged. It’s worth waiting a bit and the staff will happily work with you to keep you updated on timing. This is such a friendly and fun place with a terrific staff that I highly recommend it for an evening out for a taste of New York while traveling for Business. Great place to people watch, with a mix of locals, business people and tourists all having a great time. Excellent for all types of business activities with friends, coworkers, clients and colleagues. It is not a quiet place. Of course the West Village neighborhood is a great walking area with beautiful residential blocks and shopping. Allow time for a nice stroll and stop at Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake, yes they are standing in a long line there for cupcakes. A perfect place for Women traveling on business, you  will feel welcome and comfortable in The Spotted Pig and the surrounding neighborhood.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★★ 

The Spotted Pig
314 West 11th Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 620-0393

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