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Wednesday 3/21/2012 about 7:45 I walk into Tashan, the popular Indian restaurant on South Broad Street.  It’s always nice walking into the place, lots of friendly people to greet you and a coat check.  I’ve been here several times, both at a table and at the bar, and was looking forward to this return trip.

I sit at the bar, order a drink and ask for a menu.  The bartender, great guy, recognized me from a previous visit and was very friendly and engaging.

Then it started.  It seemed the bus came in with the obnoxious Old City party crowd.  Not really a crowd but four people, not far down the bar, with one guy VERY loudly regaling about his life, coolness, high school(!!??) and how they were going to “take” Atlantic City.  What a mess.  I don’t think the others with him ever said a word.

The bartender asks if I’d like to order, I say I will wait until I knew whether this group was staying.  No way I was eating dinner with this guy bellowing.  When I go to eat at a bar I always have a backup plan and I had a place in the area in mind (The Wishing Well) in case I left.

Good news, unbearable guy left.  Watch out Atlantic City!

I order food and what a great meal it turned out to be. As usual, I ordered one thing at a time to make sure the food does not come out too fast.  I order the Kobe Chopan Kebob and the Tandoor Chaaps.  The Kebob was terrific and the Chaaps were even better.  I did a meat night and it was well worth it.  I’ve eaten many things on the menu and have never been disappointed.

A small band started playing in the adjacent lounge area. The Alfred James Band was excellent, playing a selection of acoustic songs perfect for a lounge bar area and dinner.

While the bar does face a wall, the ends are open enough that you can see quite a bit of the restaurant and even into the kitchen from some seats making you feel part of the scene. Almost any seat at the bar is very good.  There are about 10 seats on the long end with about 6 more stretching around the side.  The seats are stools with a modern design, comfortable. I’ve eaten here at the bar several times and had always had a choice of seats except for one night when a networking event packed the bar and the adjacent lounge area.  For that reason, whenever I go out, I have a backup in mind.

The Restroom deserves mentioning as first time users have entertaining reactions to it’s layout. The main room with sinks is a unisex area surround by individual, full door stalls.  I’ve watched women walk in as I’m washing my hands, look at me and immediately walk out thinking they came into the wrong restroom.  I’ve seen men react the same way when they see women in the communal area.  Very funny expressions as they meekly reenter the room.

After a rocky start it was a great meal.  Bartender, food, band and the bar itself combined to make a good night.  I highly recommend the experience.  Don’t say “I don’t eat Indian food.” Try it, this is just great food.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

777 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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