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Wednesday 2/29/2012 about 8:30 PM, Happy Leap Day.  I’ve been anxious to go to Tapestry since it  changed from Adsum.  Some say Adsum had lost its way and Tapestry is  focused on being a great neighborhood spot.  They do not disappoint.  I sit down and the barback is very aggressive about helping by taking my drink order only to just pass it along to the bartender who was standing nearby.  It’s nice to get great attention and service and the barback was extremely nice but seemed like he was trying to do everything, I think even the bartender was a little confused.  I felt like I had a middle man between me and the bartender. The barback worked very hard and kept extremely busy, I’ve got to give him a thumbs up, until he tried to change the channel (more on that later).  Got my drink from the bartender, nice friendly guy, great beer, liquor and wine selection. I tasted the Doc’s Pear Cider, very good and a little light, how I like it but watch the alcohol content.  Barback gives me a menu (who else) and I order Fish and Chips.  The food was excellent, nice and fresh and a real treat, well done.  Neighbors at the bar were friendly with a nice neighborhood vibe about the place.

I settled in with my drink and my food to watch the Sixers play the Thunder, a very tight game. Suddenly the barback is trying to change the channel. I ask the bartender if the Sixers are going away and he shakes his head and says no.  A  new couple sits to my left and say they are looking forward to watching the Knicks.  When the channel does not change they ask and find out it is not changing, they are annoyed and leave. Their annoyance was a little much.  This is Philly, what would you expect on the TV, Sixers or Knicks?  Apparently they asked the barback to change the channel, he agreed, but was eventually overruled.

Made a quick trip to the bathroom ran into a girl and asked her if she was in line.  She said she was looking for the restroom and what did “Water Closet” mean? I answered her question and she meekly went in and closed the door.

I especially like the low profile beer taps making the seats behind the taps seem open with the TVs viewable.  Bar has been lengthened from the size of the old Adsum bar.  Two large TVs, one at either side of the bar, one had ESPN and the other had the Sixers game.  Good place to sit and watch TV. The barback will take your channel requests.  Nice Bartenders and very good food. Neighborhood crowd and friendly as well. Standard bar stools. I recommend and will go back to sample more of the menu.  Bar faces the wall so you miss the action in the restaurant and through the large windows facing the street.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★☆☆ 

700 South 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 923-1620
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