Cock & Bull – Great British Pub & Terrific Crowd in Midtown

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I’m being asked for more Midtown reviews so here we go! With many travelers and locals staying and meeting in Midtown Manhattan, more info on choices is necessary and we aim to fill in the info gap. (Why does my auto-correct keep typing “Modtown”?) I have some meetings in Midtown so I scope out a few choices from BarTaste’s Targeted for Review Map. After my meetings, I head to my first choice, Cock & Bull. Of course I have burgers on the mind.

Cock & Bull Experience: On Wednesday, January 9, 2013 I walk into Cock & Bull in Midtown. The place is pleasantly full with an after-work crowd. Groups of people, out for a bite and a drink after work, sit and stand at the wall tables in the bar area and several groups sit at the bar itself. Plenty of room to maneuver so I a scout out a seat. Once again I arrive to find one last bar seat remaining. I seem to be on a lucky roll. This seat is a little crammed between two groups at the bar but when I ask if anyone is sitting there, both groups are happy to provide a little room for me to fit in and sit down for a comfortable meal.

The Bar faces the wall with about 6 seats on an angle at the front of the restaurant and 14 seats on the long side stretching into the main seating area. I am sitting near where the angle meets the long side giving me a great view of the entire bar, restaurant and out through the front windows onto the street. There is an upper level which is quieter than the main floor but the noise level tonight is quite comfortable, making for a fun, but not loud, experience. Two large televisions are visible from all bar seats and are now playing ESPN with no live games being televised. The other patrons are very engaging and fun. Cock & Bull is advertising a Super Bowl Party which I unfortunately missed.

I look at the menu for a long time wanting to try much of what is there having forgotten my burger craving long ago. The very friendly, strongly accented bartender, recommends his favorite, Bangers and Mash. Not sure which part of the British Empire he is from, my skill at differentiating accents is pitiful. I really want to try the Mushy Peas with Bacon but I have stopped ordering too much food and go with just the Bangers and Mash. It is great, a hearty meal and I devoured every last bit. You can’t go wrong with the bartender’s recommendation.

Business Travelers: Cock & Bull is perfect for business travelers. It was full of people who had just gotten off of work and were settling in with friends and coworkers for meals and drinks. During the evening other locals, and just a few tourists, came in making for a really nice well rounded crowd. Absolutely go here with friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues. Check out the nearby beautiful Grand Central Terminal which just celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Look up (yes, here you can look up) at the beautiful ceiling, an astrological painting. Notice Orion is backward, or is everything else backward? Grand Central is full of shops and restaurants. Definitely a perfect place for women traveling on business.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

Cock & Bull
23 West 45 Street
New York, NY 10036

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