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Here at BarTaste we are continuing to beef up our reviews of Sports Bars, especially now that we are at the midpoint of the baseball season. The MLB All Star Game 2013 was on Tuesday night so I decided to head out to watch the game and have a meal at the bar. A friend recommended Smithfield and the Smithfield Burger which comes with foie gras and truffles! Of course I did not pass up the opportunity to order another burger, I know I promised no more burgers but foie gras and truffles! It did come recommended and I was not disappointed.

Smithfield Experience: In the middle of a heat wave I venture out into steamy Manhattan to watch the 2013 MLB All-Star Game. I was considering attending the game in person since it was played at the Met’s Citifield in Queens, an easy subway ride. With the oppressive heat it looks like I made the right choice to skip Queens in favor of the cool air conditioning of Smithfield in Chelsea, a recommended place which has been on my radar for a while.

I walk in just after 7 P.M. giving enough time before the start of the game to find a good seat. It looks like all the tables and bar seats are full with a very energetic and boisterous crowd having a good time. My luck comes through once again and I find a seat towards the left at the bar. I order a drink, ask for a menu and settle in.

Smithfield is focused on Soccer (Football anyone?). Yes, plenty of attention is given to those other minor leagues like the NFL and MLB, but be prepared for a soccer emporium. Of the many large TVs everywhere, at least half were showing the CONCACAF Gold Cup ‘13. From my seat I could see two large televisions, one with the Gold Cup, the other NFL Network. I saw Cuba beat Belize in the quarterfinals and the beginning of the USA vs Costa Rica match which USA won.

The bartender was extremely nice, friendly and attentive. I was very impressed how the channels were changed to FOX right as the national broadcast began at 7:30. This shows attention to detail from Smithfield, managing their televisions, understanding their customers and treating them well. Read my rant on places not managing their TVs here. The pre-game and game came on right in front of me without a hitch, I was happy. In too many places I’ve had to ask that channels be changed to events which should have already been on, sometimes the channel on has been Lifetime, at a sports bar! Not at Smithfield. The sound of the USA vs Costa Rica soccer match was on throughout the place, making watching the All Star Game a little different, but this is after all a Soccer Mecca, and they know their customers and keep them happy. I knew plenty of baseball fans were around because of the very loud groans when Robinson Cano of the Yankees got hit by a pitch on the knee. It looked bad but he is supposed to be okay. I really like Joe Buck but he looked like an alien coming in for a landing on that platform FOX built him for the game at Citifield.

The Smithfield Menu is several steps above a typical sports place and delicious. The Smithfield Burger with foie gras and truffles was tremendous. I will be thanking my friend many times for recommending it. The Thursday Short Rib special looked very good but alas it was Tuesday. The bar faces a wall with 5 large TVs with about 18 seats on the long side and 3 on the short side. Plenty of TVs throughout the first floor. There is also a second floor and mezzanine. Sit anywhere for a terrific view of the action.

Business Travelers: The crowd seemed to be mostly an after work business crowd mixed with locals from the neighborhood really enjoying themselves. A great place for friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues. Be prepared to speak up if you are getting serious about conducting business here. Smithfield is in the Chelsea neighborhood, not far from Flatiron and, being at 28th Street, a quick trip from most of Midtown and about a 5 minute walk from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, great for pre or post game. Some consider the location part of Midtown. The location puts you within quick striking distance of many Manhattan’s fun neighborhoods and attractions for shopping, strolling, bars, restaurants and exploring. Checkout The High Line, Manhattan’s Park in the Sky, Meatpacking DistrictWest ChelseaNoMadMadison SquareUnion SquareFashion District and Greenwich Village. A comfortable sports bar for women traveling on business.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

215 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001

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