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Rouge has been a Rittenhouse Square Classic for many years.  Some call it a little scene-ish  but it does have what some call the best burger in the city.  I was looking forward to going back to Rouge for a meal at the bar and do a  review, already knowing what I was going to order.

I arrive Monday, April 23, 2012 around 7:45 PM sit at the bar and order a drink.  This is one of my favorite restaurant bars.  I love a bar centered in the middle of a room where you can look across from almost any seat and see most of the other people at the bar along with a good portion of the restaurant. Although I am not looking out over Rittenhouse Square, my seat is great offering a view of the other bar patrons, half the restaurant and the front door. I am really anticipating enjoying myself.  The burger here is one of  the best I’ve ever had. The people from Rouge also brought us 500° the casual burger place on Samson Street. The person to my left recommends the Grilled Octopus, Steak Tartare and Tuna Tartare. I came for the Pork Milanese and start with the Tuna Tartare.  The meal was excellent as always.

The Rouge Bar Experience: The bar is round, on the smallish side and centered in the middle of the dining room.  The entire place is not large so the bar and the dining room combine for an intimate feel making this bar one of my favorites in the city.  Any of the approximately 18 seats around the bar will make you feel part of the room.  I’ve heard Rouge and the bar described as a snobbish scene filled with pretentious patrons.  I have been here many times and have never found this to be the case.  I highly recommend coming here.  The staff were terrific, extremely friendly and attentive.  Two bartenders squeezed in the space behind the bar.  I realized one was new only after the other was explaining the food ordering system.  The new bartender had been waiting on my and was doing a great job. The other patrons were very friendly and only a few empty sets remained.  No Televisions.

Business Travelers:  A couple traveling on business from Pittsburgh came in for drinks, lucky for them they arrived the day after the Philadelphia Flyers trounced and ended the playoff hopes of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  After several people, including myself, raved about the food, the couple assured us they would be back for several meals during their trip.  The Rouge bar is absolutely appropriate for any kind of business traveler out alone or with coworkers, colleagues or customers.  Whether you are conducting business or relaxing during your trip this is one place where you will be very comfortable.  Rouge is an especially good place for woman business travelers traveling alone.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★★ 

205 South 18th Street
Philadelphia PA 19103
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