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When you select a name like Quality Italian for your restaurant you have already set expectations very high. After two visits I can tell you that those expectations have been exceeded. The first visit with friends had me wanting much more so I returned to have a meal at the bar.

The Quality Italian Experience: On a snowy Tuesday evening I decide it is time for a Midtown Manhattan review and head to Quality Italian. Being a Tuesday with snow I’m sure there will be lots of room. I arrive to find the bar full.

Quality Italian (QI for short) has a small bar downstairs but the slightly larger upstairs bar is where the action is. All the 8 seats on the long side facing the wall and the couple on the short side facing into the main dining room are full. One of these has been strangely co-opted by a woman sitting with friends in a small cocktail area next to the bar. Sitting substantially higher than her friends, and precariously leaning over, she looks as if she will shortly tumble over. The bartender, another patron and myself look at her quizzically and shrug.

The bartender, an extremely nice and attentive guy, asks what I would like to drink. I reply that I was hoping to sit at the bar for dinner. He replies that should not be a problem with a knowing nod and a smile. I order a drink and settle in, standing at the corner of the bar, waiting for a seat.

A regular is eating dinner next to me and she knows the bartender well, raving about the food. My new friend offers me a piece of an appetizer she is eating, Dry-Aged Porterhouse Agnolotti. It is terrific and I have a new best friend.

A seat opens up at the end of the bar and, before someone down there can snag it, the bartender guides me over into the seat. I finally settle in for what turns out to be a great meal.

I start with the Baked Clams, perfectly done and delicious. Make sure you have plenty of the freshly baked bread to soak up all the leftovers from the clams. Next is something I have been waiting for all week, the Veal Chop Milanese. Yes it is $39 but worth every cent. Pounded veal cooked perfectly with very tasty House Pickled Peppers & Mozzarella. I ate it slowly, thoroughly savoring every bite.

The bar area began filling and I made more friends, QI is a fun place. I met a couple from Long Island and she was making her own drink. After ordering a martini she pulled out a packet of Crystal Lite lemonade mix and poured it in. She did not have a name for the drink but she was certainly happy. Now I like martinis and Crystal Lite but don’t expect to be mixing them together anytime soon.

Business Travelers: Quality Italian is absolutely terrific for Business Travelers and anyone who wants to entertain clients, colleagues, friends or coworkers. In a top location, this restaurant is convenient to most buildings and hotels in Midtown Manhattan. It is worth the trip if even if you are staying downtown. QI is close to Central Park and all the very high-end Midtown Manhattan shopping and the city’s premiere office locations. I met several business women who felt very comfortable dining alone at QI’s bar and do so on a regular basis

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★★

Quality Italian
57 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

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