Rogue – Great Food, Sports, Location: Chelsea, Flatiron & Midtown

Rogue Bar & Restaurant Sports Bar & Restaurant Chelsea Midtown Manhattan New York

Being a Philly sports fan in New York is lots of fun but it can be challenging. Finding a good place to eat and watch a game is not always easy if you stray away from the standard Philly haunts in Manhattan: Shorty’s (two locations – 9th Ave & Madison Ave) or Wogies (tell us where else?) Since the Phillies are in New York to play the Mets it should be easy to walk into any sports bar restaurant, sit at the bar, have a meal and watch the game. I decide to try Rogue and I am not disappointed.

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Good Stuff Diner – One Of The Best In Manhattan

Good Stuff Diner Chelsea Manhattan New York

Continuing our coverage of places open 24 hours, 7 days per week, my next stop is Good Stuff Diner. A diner yes, but a step above your standard plate slinging experience. Good Stuff has a great neighborhood reputation and I was looking forward to checking it out for myself. While technically a counter and not a bar, the selection of liquor available puts it close enough into the restaurant bar category.

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Coppelia – 24 / 7 Cuban Goodness in Chelsea

Coppelia Cuban Restaurant and Diner 24 Hours New York Manhattan Chelsea

Our Open 24 hours and 7 days per week offerings have been slim so the next couple of reviews will focus on where you can get really good food any hour of the day and maybe a drink as well. Our latest stop is Coppelia, a 24 / 7 Cuban Restaurant and Diner, more Cuban than typical diner and very popular with the local Chelsea crowd, business travelers and tourists.

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Ainsworth Park – Mad for March, Absolutely Terrific Crowd, Food and Sports

Aisworth Park high-end Sports Bar New York Flatiron Manhattan

Ainsworth is a large multilevel place, beautifully decorated with large televisions everywhere and a couple of bars, lots of seating and multiple areas for standing and connecting with everyone. The place is packed, of course, it being Friday happy hour with several NCAA Championship Tournament games going at once.

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Windsor Gansevoort Park – Stepping up the High-End Sports Bar Game

Windsor Gansevoort Park Hotel Sports Bar New York NoMad

Tired of the classic stereotypical sports bar? It’s time to move to a different level. The Windsor at the Gansevoort Park Hotel has taken the Sports Bar concept and bumped it up a couple of notches. I am out to watch the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and The Atlanta Falcons and I want a higher end Sports Bar experience so I head to the Windsor Gansevoort Park with high expectations and I am not disappointed.

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Cock & Bull – Great British Pub & Terrific Crowd in Midtown

Cock & Bull British Pub Midtown Manhattan New York BarTaste Review Meal Eaten at Restaurant Bar

Cock & Bull in Midtown. The place is pleasantly full with an after-work crowd. Groups of people, out for a bite and a drink after work, sit and stand at the wall tables in the bar area and several groups sit at the bar itself. Plenty of room to maneuver so I a scout out a seat. Once again I arrive to find one last bar seat remaining. I seem to be on a lucky roll. This seat is a little crammed between two groups at the bar but when I ask if anyone is sitting there, both groups are happy to provide a little room for me to fit in and sit down for a comfortable meal.

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Manzo – Wonderful Meat and Service at Bustling Eataly Italian Market

Manzo Restaurant at Eataly New York Manhattan Flatiron

Eataly, the huge Italian Market in Flatiron, is perpetually crowded. There are several restaurants inside but the one which truly gives you a break from the mobs is Manzo, a beef focused restaurant with a long bar, white cloth tables, wonderful service and of course meat and everything to go with it.

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Wogies – West Village, Philly Sports and more Cheesesteaks

Wogies Bar and Grill Greenwich Village New York Manhattan Philly Sports Bar

One again I am in luck, about 15 minutes before game start a couple gets up to leave the bar, guess they wanted to avoid the mob arriving for the game, it is getting crowded. I quickly settle in for the game with a good television view. Since it time for “brunch” I order the Oscar, a big sandwich with eggs, bacon, steak, cheese, peppers & onions. I always get provolone.

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Shorty’s Madison Ave – Friendly Sports Territory with the Best Cheesesteak in NYC

Shorty's Sports Bar Madison Avenue New York Manhattan NoMad

I arrive at Shorty’s Madison Avenue. My optimism has returned. My starting goal in checking out Sports Bar Meals has been to find a Philly friendly crowd in New York. There are actually several Philly friendly locations to try.

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Coffee Shop – Brazilian Fun & Great Food for 23 Hours on Union Square

While the name Coffee Shop may mislead you into thinking diner, this Brazilian restaurant is terrific for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or late night. The crowd is always up and fun, a mix of locals, tourists and city visitors to Union Square. Perfect place to go and check out the bustling and increasing lively, crowded Union Square area.

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French Roast – Longtime 24 Hour Fun Village French Bistro

French Roast Restaurant Downtown Greenwich Village Manhattan New York

I have enjoyed going to French Roast many, many times over the years, mostly for breakfast. It is a great place to grab a seat in the window in the morning and watch Greenwich Village go by. I did just that on the day I moved back to New York this year from Philly. I sat down then, ordered a Croque Madame, and took in the sights. Never having been French Roast’s bar for a meal, I head over this night to check it out and have a meal at the restaurant bar.

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