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After becoming a success in its New Jersey location, Nomad Pizza opened its second location in the former Horizon’s space on 7th Street bringing its wood-fired oven pizza.  The Horizons team opened the critically acclaimed vegan, Vedge, on Locust Street.  Nomad had been teasing Philly with its mobile truck but finally opened a real location in the city.  We talk about our pizza meal at the bar.

On Tuesday, April 3, 2012 about 7:30, I was looking for baseball on television, a bar and a meal to review.  I went to Brauhaus Schmidtz and Percy Street Barbecue (sound warning…why do this?)  and they both had basketball on the televisions.  Reviews on both places to come. I thought the Phillies were more popular although it was pre-season baseball.  Well, the Phillies will have to wait.  I realize I am near Nomad and see a crowd sitting inside and at the sidewalk tables having lots of fun.  The doors and windows are wide open, it was just a beautiful night.  I could see there was no bar downstairs but was told there was a bar upstairs.

I go upstairs and see a big room with long communal tables and a smaller bar in the back. Beer and wine is all that is served but 12 taps make for a nice selection.  I sit at the bar and order an Allagash White Beer and it is quite good but beware the 5.2% alcohol content.  Yes, I know there are much higher alcohol contents out there but this one was so tasty you may suddenly get yourself into trouble.

There is a small group at the bar and only a few people at the communal tables. A significant contrast to the bustling first floor. I order the spicy sausage pie thinking I will take some home for another time. Nooooooo, I ate the entire thing, it was excellent.  The pie comes hot out of the oven uncut, you get your own personal pizza cutter to slice away and enjoy.  Yes, while I ate the entire thing and was very full, the menu does offer several sides which ordered with one pie could certainly be shared by two.

Watch out!  It’s movie night. The entire second floor becomes a movie theater with a big projection screen and a published scheduleCheck the schedule before you go if you intend to sit upstairs at the bar.  The bar is poorly positioned to see the movie.  I had no interest in the movie so I left before it started.

On a side note: If you have a hickey, are covering it up with a scarf and working, don’t tell everyone that you have a hickey and are covering it up with a scarf because makeup would not do the trick.  All that happens is that everyone else suddenly has their own hickey story to tell, not great bar chatter.  I’m just saying.

The pizza is amazing, great beer selection and very friendly bartender and staff.  Not a lot to see from anywhere at the bar, felt a little isolated upstairs knowing the downstairs was hopping.  The long side of the bar has about 9 seats facing the wall and the shorter side section has about 3 seats.  Those three are a bit blocked by the beer taps.  I picked a stool on the long side of the bar toward the service station, don’t feel the experience would be any different from other seats.  A television would be nice but that would probably interfere with the movies.  Still, I definitely recommend checking out Nomad and enjoying the tasty pies, enjoying the beer at the bar, friendly staff and entertaining patrons. For a business traveler looking for a dinner alone or with coworkers or clients, Nomad is a good place to come sit and have great pizza and a beer.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★☆☆ 

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Philadelphia, PA 19147
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