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Tuesday March 6, 2012, about 8:15 PM, I arrived at Mixto planning to sit at the upstairs bar which has a TV. The upstairs was closed so I sat at the first floor bar and ordered a drink, Red Sangria.  The Bartender was absolutely terrific, smooth and calm under the pressure of making my drink, elaborate drinks for rest of the bar and the entire restaurant.  It was pure entertainment watching the bartender work.

I ordered black bean soup and arroz con pollo cubano with red beans. Food was terrific and I took some home to eat for lunch the next day.  See, I do eat things besides burgers and fish and chips.

Three girls, one with comedy show like high and whinny voice, were putting on quite a show to my right at the end of the bar. Two more girls to my immediate right snickering and eye rolling at the very load antics of the other three.  I could barely control myself when the bartender offered to make them a drink called a “Jersey Turnpike”.  A perfect fit. Guy sits down on the left and his date arrives with overwhelming perfume, my eyes water.  Luckily they sat at a table quickly, I pity their nearby diners.

First floor bar is tucked into the back almost in an alcove with about 9 high-back seats, I was sitting about three seats from the left.  You are facing the wall and you see nothing of the restaurant or windows. It’s probably one of the most isolated bars for me to date. This will not stop me from coming back.  The food and the Latin, Cuban and Spanish drinks are always good at Mixto.  The bartender was very friendly and I learned a lot from his drink making.  Of course the three on the right were enough to entertain for one night. The upstairs bar deserves a visit on another night.

The arroz con pollo came too fast, I was not done my black bean soup.  This has happened before while eating at a bar, not unique to Mixto.  If you are eating more than one course while sitting at a bar, order them one at a time.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★☆☆ 

1141 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 592-0363
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