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After so looking forward to the Phillies home opener, my friend and I found ourselves in a quickly emptying, very cold and windy Citizens Bank Park.  The Phillies offense was nonexistent (sorry Cole) so we left the park to finish watching the game and enjoy a meal at the bar at Misconduct Tavern.

We got to Misconduct about 3:45pm on Monday, April 9, 2012.  Drowning our sorrows after a sad start to the season, we did not order food immediately, instead we ordered beer. Misconduct was very empty with almost every seat available. We had prime bar seats, right in the middle with a clear view of the televisions.  It was a Monday and we had arrived during the gap between lunch and dinner.  I suspect Monday brings less people also and anyone who played hooky from work to see the opening game had long gone back. The bartender, in her Shane Victorino shirt, was extremely nice, talkative, engaging and very sports knowledgeable.  We were having a fun time even though the place was empty.

We began by ordering the Fried Calamari and the Avocado Fries. The fries were quite good, actually fried pieces of avocado with a terrific garlic aioli dipping sauce, I highly recommend.  The calamari was good as well.  Misconduct also has a rotating daily special selection of homemade hotdogs, an interesting idea but a challenge to execute while trying to present a wide range of novel ingredients.  The selection today

was Mahi, Duck and Spicy Pork.  These are not your normal hotdog prices but the size and ingredients justify a premium.  My friend and I go for one Mahi and one Duck. The hotdogs are good size and look delicious. We were disappointed in the Mahi, not really enjoying its mushy texture. The duck was better but I think we were expecting to be wowed but that did not happen.  I regret not selecting the Spicy Pork, I bet it would have been tasty, and I will be back to sample more of the dogs to get a better idea of how good they really are.

Misconduct is one place I enjoy tremendously.  It is number one on my top 10 list of places to watch the Phillies and eat at the bar.  It’s the excellent, friendly staff, nicely sized bar, engaging patrons and televisions which combine to make for a great experience.  The bar is long and faces the wall but is such a big presence within the total space that almost any seat is a good seat.  There are about 18 seats on the long side of the bar and about 5 on the short side.  Our fun waitress changed the channel from the postgame show once the Phillies game ended which was fine with us.  I asked about this and she said people have little interest in postgame show and they always change the channel.  After talking to her a little more it seems they pay close attention to what is on TV at any particular time, detail I find lacking in many bars which purport to be “Sports Bars”  You walk in and suddenly you are watching reruns of Wheel of Fortune on giant beautiful HD televisions and you can tell that the management just does not care.  Kudos to Misconduct for caring and saving me from Game Show Network reruns. I give a 4 star rating as I have been here many times and thoroughly enjoy the food and my time spent eating at the bar.

Business Travelers: Misconduct is a good place to come alone to sit at the bar and eat or to come with colleagues or customers.  Good for women business travelers traveling alone. It is a casual gastropub with food a good notch above typical bar food.  It can become too lively for some during a few peak times and significant sporting events so plan accordingly.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

Misconduct Tavern
1511 Locust Street
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