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Manzo Restaurant at Eataly New York Manhattan Flatiron
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Eataly, the huge Italian Market in Flatiron, is perpetually crowded. There are several restaurants inside but the one which truly gives you a break from the mobs is Manzo, a beef focused restaurant with a long bar, white cloth tables, wonderful service and of course meat and everything to go with it.

Manzo Experience: On Thursday, December 13, 2012 about 1:10 P.M. I am meeting a friend for lunch at Manzo, in the Batali and Bastianich cavernous Italian Market, Eataly. We never picked a spot to meet and spend the next 10 minutes trying to find each other over the phone in the crowd. It is a happy, fun and hungry crowd jostling around, some just looking but many shopping, everything looks amazingly good.

We head to Manzo and wait while the hostess deals with a tourist who is asking and reasking about his many options for dining within the next ten minutes. Why doesn’t he just sit down? He can’t find his dining partner in the crowds. We wait patiently but I am getting a little antsy as I see two prime bar seats, and no others, the bar is full of lunchers. Finally quiz guy walks away and we are quickly seated. We are immediately given water and menus and my friend goes to the restroom and someone tries to take his seat, the bar spots are in high demand for lunch. I fend off the interloper, my friend comes back, and we talk about what we will have.

We are sitting about midpoint along the bar which has about 18 seats and faces the wall. While you can hear the activity in the market you are comfortably wrapped in a rich setting with a fantastic staff, friendly co-diners and fantastic food. The bar is full but there are still a few tables available.

The lunch menu is extensive but the $29 Prix Fixe catches our eye. We both order the Baby Artichokes, NY Strip Steak and the Torta di Nocciole. Along with a ¾ bottle of wine, the food and service were perfect for a fun and satisfying lunch.

Business Travelers: While the market does draw tourists, the bar and tables seem to be filled with professionals from both the area and Midtown. I know it is more crowded after work, dinner and weekends. Have not tied scoring a bar seat during dinner but their online reservation system was showing several table times available for dinner. I suggest allowing a little time flexibility if going for a bar meal to allow seats to open up. The seats did turn over during lunch. Absolutely go here with friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues. Manzo @ Eataly is a nice 20 to 30 minute walk from most of Midtown or a quick cab ride. Allow time to walk the Flatiron and NoMad neighborhoods and check out the Eataly Italian Market. Enjoy the homemade gelato. Stop by the NoMad Hotel for a drink in the impressive library or go across the street inside Madison Square Park to Shake Shack and get a milkshake. Definitely a perfect place for women traveling on business.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

Manzo @ Eataly
200 5th Avenue (23rd Street)
New York, NY 10010

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