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Knock is a place I have gone many times for a meal at the bar.  While the food is not spectacular it is consistently good with a nice varied menu, bar menu to slightly upscale. The place is a convenient neighborhood stop. This post describes two very different visits, the first one very puzzling.

Monday 2/13/2012 about 8:00 PM.  I sit at the bar close to the door in the only available bar seat.  I expected it to be less crowded but more people is great as long as I get a seat.  I was thinking of going somewhere else as I had been going to Knock often and already had many of the things on the menu. I only recently learned about a nightly extensive list of specials available at the bar.  No one ever said another before and until I heard another customer ask, I never knew.  I sat down, ordered a glass of wine and asked about the specials.  This is when things got odd and disturbing.  The bartender did not know the specials, asked the other bartender and the bartenders got into a verbal argument.  I sat there quite surprised then the bartender came back, never stopping but saying as he huffed by, almost out of earshot, “it’s all fish”.  People, why do you put up with this when you are spending your money?  I paid for my still full drink, left no tip and walked out the door.  I don’t put up with that kind of treatment.  I went to Varga Bar and had a terrific meal at the bar.

Not wanting to lose a neighborhood standby bar meal I went back to check it out again.  Wednesday 3/7/2012 about 8PM.  I sit at the bar, this time on the other side of the bar with a view of the bar, door and both Locust and 12th Streets, I like that side.  I order a drink and ask about the specials.  The bartender does not know all of them but quickly finds out.  I order the fish and chips, quick bar meal.  I promise no more fish & chips for a while (see Tapestry review). Both the fish and the chips were very good, hot and done very well, not overcooked.  Halibut was a special but the guys next to me discretely told me that it was not season yet for Halibut so avoid it.  I don’t know fish “seasons” so I took their advice.  These guys had a salad with grilled chicken which looked very good and they agreed it was, might check that out next time all this fired food is a little too much.

Bar is shaped like a triangle jutting into the room.  I am a BIG fan of eating at bars which are in the center of the action.  I like it better than many other bars which have you facing a wall without a view of the inside of the restaurant.  The bar is somewhat centered within the room, making for many good vantage points.  Pick the side of the bar opposite of the door, better seats although most seats are fine.  High back chairs let you lean back a bit and the crowd is almost always friendly and talkable. Two very small TVs placed very high up so not a place to sit and really watch television. Primarily gay clientele. I recommend and will be going back.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★☆☆ 

Knock Restaurant and Bar
225 South 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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