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Our Open 24 hours and 7 days per week offerings have been slim so the next couple of reviews will focus on where you can get really good food any hour of the day and maybe a drink as well. Our latest stop is Coppelia, a 24 / 7 Cuban Restaurant and Diner, more Cuban than typical diner and very popular with the local Chelsea crowd, business travelers and tourists.

While 24 / 7 is very appealing, especially in the middle of the night when sleep eludes you or you’re burning the midnight oil for that big meeting or even better, out for a night on the town, our reviews have taken place at lighter hours, namely brunch and dinner. We’ve previously reviewed 24 / 7 outfits Coffee Shop, French Roast and Bowery Diner. Coffee Shop is technically 23 hours but we count it anyway. Now we add Coppelia. Now on BarTaste you can find a great variety of choices for all day and night dining: Brazilian, Cuban, French and a High-End Diner. Tell us where to go next. The three Manhattan IHOP restaurants are 24 / 7, wonder if they have bars?

Coppelia Experience: About 1 P.M. on a Sunday, after a hard-core gym workout, I am very hungry and walk into Coppelia for brunch. It’s peak brunch time, groups waiting for tables and all the bars seats full except for one. Once again my luck comes through and I nab the last seat. Service is immediate and extremely nice and I quickly have a menu and a glass of water.

The waiting groups seem to get seated without much delay making the wait look minimal and seats are turning over at the bar. I see brunch drinks going by and seriously consider getting a Bloody Mary but I have an event later in the day where I know a few cocktails will be served so I decline. I order some homemade iced tea which was unique and quite tasty, I highly recommend you try it.

I order the Huevos Rancheros after eyeing all the delicious food going by, this was a difficult choice but it turned out to be the right one, it was extremely delicious. The bar is long, facing the wall, and I am sitting in the middle near a service break with about 9 seats in a straight line to my left with about 9 mores seats curving around to the wall towards the front of the restaurant. Sit on the curve it you want to see all the of the restaurant happenings or sit along the straight edge to see the bar activity out the front window onto busy 14th street.

The service is fast, extremely nice and the crowd is having a very good time. I am seated almost directly in front of a television with ESPN.

Business Travelers: Although I am here for a Sunday brunch I can see this being a terrific place to go with friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues for a casual yet delicious Cuban meal. The hours make it especially appealing and working late will not leave you arriving as the doors close (do 24 hour restaurants have locks?) Located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, bordering Greenwich Village, you are centrally located. Coppelia is about a 20 minute walk from Penn Station, near the West Village, Meatpacking District and the Silicon Alley business area in Flatiron. Midtown is an easy cab ride away. Walk West down 14th street to the Meatpacking District’s high-end shopping and bars, to West Chelsea for the galleries and the indoor Chelsea Market. A comfortable spot for women traveling on business. I suggest a cab for late night hours.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

201 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

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