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BLT Burger is a longtime NYC favorite, time for a review. I know, another Greenwich Village review and another burger!? I promise the next review will be in another neighborhood. I wanted to acclimate myself with my long-time Village home and neighborhood before venturing out. I’ve already done several meals at restaurant bars in other areas which are just waiting to be published, you’ll see them soon.

The BLT Burger Experience: On Tuesday June 26, 2012 about 8:30 P.M. I walked into BLT Burger sat down, ordered a drink and asked for a menu. I have not been to this neighborhood favorite of mine in about four years so was anxious to check it out. Of course I order a Philly Burger. I guess I miss my last three years in Philly just a bit and needed a little comfort. I forgo fries in favor of coleslaw. The burger was so good I have been back since to get it again (and ordered one a third time for delivery at home). The Cole Slaw was the best I have probably ever had, sorry Mom.  Who raves about cole slaw?

BLT Burger is part of the ESQUARED Hospitality Group which has brought NYC many restaurants among them BLT Fish, BLT Prime, BLT Steak and Casa Nonna. ESquared also has restaurants in several other cities.

The bar faces the wall in the deep, and storefront, wide restaurant. 3 seats on one end and about 15 seats on the long side. Tonight is not crowded at the bar, several people from the neighborhood and a bunch of business people, although the prime television viewing seats are almost all taken. I snag a seat near the door on the long side of the bar just able to see both televisions, one at the end near the front and the other about towards the other end of the bar. Both televisions had the Yankees game on but the bartender was happy to change one channel to the Mets for me. She was extremely outgoing, friendly and engaging. I spoke to one business women traveling who sat enjoyably at the bar.  The other patrons were very fun especially with the both Yankees and Mets fans at the bar.

Business Travelers:  A good group of business people at the bar, both locals after work and others in New York for business. Fun place with a lively vibe, good for business travelers looking for a fun night out and a great burger with coworkers, clients and colleagues. You can’t beat the Greenwich Village location.  As I said earlier, I chatted with one woman business traveler at the bar who found the food and atmosphere quite comfortable and enjoyable. Women traveling on business will feel welcome and comfortable in BLT Burger and the surrounding neighborhood.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

BLT Burger
470 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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