BarTaste: Eating at the bar, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Whether alone or with others, many do it it because they prefer the communal atmosphere, entertaining bartenders, televisions, bar menus or just don’t want to sit at a table  alone.  Others are “forced” to do it because of a botched, very delayed, we don’t take or oops I forgot reservations.  Sometime you just have to eat now.

Here we will describe the experience of eating at various bars, whether it is the local dive or the top restaurants.  Hopefully you will find this entertaining, informative and let you make decisions on where to have your next bar meal.  We will describe the total experience, setting, mood, other patrons, interaction, bartenders, servers and of course the food.  We are not food critics but do have opinions.  We may be a little embarrassed by the lack of variety in our food selections.

Initially we will focus on Philadelphia and New York.  Go ahead and contact us, tell us where to go and tell us what to order and tell us which bartender we should sit near.

Matt Singer

Photo Matthew J Singer, Matt Singer, New York, Philadelphia

Matt Singer


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