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2nd Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the Recovery Continues

2nd Anniversary of  Hurricane Sandy, the Recovery Continues
Click here for links to some great organizations where you can donate your time or money to help. We did.
New York Cares Volunteer for Sandy Relief
Mayor’s Fund Hurricane Sandy Relief
United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund
Eat Downtown: The Village Voice Lists Thousands of Places to Eat Below 30th Street 

Watch Con Edison’s 14th Street Substation in Manhattan Explode, Lower Manhattan lost power for a week shortly after. I watched this happen from my livingroom.

 Watch Sandy Crash into the Eastern USA Courtesy NASA

It’s the 2nd Year Anniversary of Sandy. I wrote this shortly after power came back on in Manhattan: I Spent several days in the Rockaways, Queens and Coney Island, Brooklyn unloading trucks then climbing stairs and banging on doors in powerless, water-less and heat-less high rises delivering food and water to residents and checking on their well-being. Special thanks to the United States Army, New York National Guard and the NYPD for the amazing job they are doing. If you can’t volunteer then make a donation, no matter how small, to these organizations I saw in action and please eat downtown.