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Boulton and Watt – Lower East Side Gem: Terrific Food & Service with Fun, Energetic Crowd

Boulton and Watt American Gastropub Restaurant Manhattan New York

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The Lower East Side of Manhattan has become a hotbed of activity over the years, from trendy shops to both excellent and lousy restaurants and a hopping nightlife. Boulton and Watt is one of the excellent restaurants with an energetic, bustling, happy and professional crowd.  No matter where you may be in the city, if want to explore some new neighborhoods, make the Lower East Side (LES) and Boulton and Watt a first stop.

The Boulton and Watt Experience: Finally, bright sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s, a welcome relief after weeks of cold and snow. Everyone is out on this Saturday afternoon. I decide to walk the LES and remember the good things I’ve heard about Boulton and Watt and decide to check it out.

About 1:45 pm on a Saturday I walk in to find the place full and bustling, everyone is having a good time. I go to the bar looking for a seat, nothing available. Bartender immediately comes over to ask if I want to see a menu. I say that I was hoping to find a seat and eat and he says I’ll get you your drink, just wait here, there are two people ready to get up in a few minutes. Sure enough I was soon sitting down looking at the menu. The bartender is terrific, attentive and personable all afternoon while I am there, making this meal very enjoyable.  

My seat is to the left of the long side of the bar directly in front of one of the two televisions with the Sochi Olympics on. The long side of the bar has about 12 seats with additional seats curving around the two shorter sides of the bar. The bright sunshine is streaming into the corner restaurant from the large windows on Avenue A, East 1st Street and Houston Street (pronounced “HOW”ston, not like the city in Texas). This is adding to the great vibe inside.

I’ve seen some online photos of the Chicken Pot Pie which was my intended first choice to order now that I finally got to come here. Unfortunately it was only going to be available at dinner. So I went to my backup choice, Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon. Now this dish was delicious, big on flavor, creamy with big chunks of bacon. Now I normally don’t take food pics to include here but this was so good I could not resist.

Boulton and Watt Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon NYC

Business Travelers: Boulton and Watt is a great way to get out of the ho- hum of Midtown Manhattan and explore some of Manhattan’s neighborhoods.  This place is terrific for Business Travelers and anyone who wants to entertain clients, colleagues, friends or coworkers. The noise level might be a little higher than usual but certainly manageable. Crowd seemed professional on my visit. Not a place for a quiet dinner. Start here and leave yourself time to walk around and explore some of the small shops, bars and restaurants both new and old throughout the Lower East Side. The spot is centrally located putting you within an easy walk to other Manhattan neighborhoods like The BoweryLittle Italy, Soho and Greenwich Village.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆

Boulton and Watt
5 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

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* Restaurant Name
Boulton & Watt
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East Village / American New
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5 Ave. A (Corner of Ave. A & 1st St.), New York, NY 10009
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(646) 490-6004