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Shorty’s Madison Ave – Friendly Sports Territory with the Best Cheesesteak in NYC

Shorty's Sports Bar Madison Avenue New York Manhattan NoMad
Business Travelers do you recommend Shorty’s for

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Women Business Travelers dining alone?
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Rating: 3.7/5 (7 votes cast)

It’s taken awhile for me to write this review, I’ve been a little sad about the crash and burn end of the Eagles’ season. Now that the Eagles have hired Chip Kelly as Head Coach and with the Super Bowl approaching, it is time. I arrive at Shorty’s Madison Avenue. My optimism has returned.

My starting goal in checking out Sports Bar Meals has been to find a Philly friendly crowd in New York. There are actually several Philly friendly locations to try. Eater NY has a great guide to Manhattan NFL Bars Where to Watch: A Guide to Manhattan’s NFL Bars if you are looking to watch an out of town game with a crowd of like-minded fans. To begin my reviews of Sports Bar I try to go when I know a Philly sports team is on and to restaurants known to be Philly friendly. I will branch out later. Today I am watching the Eagles at the Cardinals.

Shorty’s Madison Ave Experience: I arrive at Shorty’s about 3:45 P.M. for a 4:05 P.M. game planning to sit at the bar and having what is billed as “NYC’s most authentic cheesesteaks.” Of course once again I misplan and arrive to a packed Shorty’s with no bar seat available. Arriving at a bar just before game start is not a good Idea if you expect to get a seat. I would recommend arriving at least an hour before especially if your destination is popular with a specific sports team or it is a big game.

I settle in, grab a beer and find a place to stand comfortably. It is crowded with lots of people moving around but I find a good spot to lean with a view of the game on a nicely sized television. I continue maneuvering in the crowd to maintain my television view and minimize bumping. I find myself now near the bar and suddenly a seat opens up! Not sure how it happened but I quickly sit down, not directly in front of an Eagles TV but good enough.

Televisions are everywhere with the Eagles the top choice and several other games being shown attracting a wide range of NFL fans but predominantly an Eagles crowd. This is a Philly bar in NYC but foremost a Sports Bar. Don’t worry if you want another game, many games on many televisions. The bar faces the wall with about 18 seats on the long side and 5 on the short. I am sitting on the long side near the door. I order a Pizza Steak with onions which comes with provolone and marinara sauce, standard. I also have Mozzarella Triangles and Yuengling Rings (Yuengling is a local Philly brewery.)  I felt like I was back in Philly and the cheesesteak was as good as you can get in NYC.  I’ll reserve judgment on how it compares to Steve’s Prince of Steaks in Philly.

I’m surprised that, while the crowd was loud and boisterous, it was not just a bit crazier, you know the reputation of Eagles fans, a reputation not fully deserved.  The day was ripe for fun, ribbing and a little trash talk between competing fans. Maybe the Eagles fans were a little subdued because the Eagles played so poorly and lost badly to the Cardinals and their former backup quarterback, Kevin Kolb. Shorty’s Madison Avenue is probably one of the best Sports Bars in Manhattan, maybe a little bias on my part. Staff and food are terrific.

Shorty’s also has a location on 9th Avenue. BarTaste review here.

Business Travelers: If you are looking for a Sports Bar and a delicious Philly inspired meal, Shorty’s on Madison is a top choice. Get there early if it’s a big game and don’t worry if you are not a Philly Team fan, with all the televisions you surely will find the game you want. Ask for a channel change, the staff are extremely nice. Shorty’s is located in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan (North of Madison Square Park.) NoMad has many things to do and see, check out Madison Square Park and Eataly, the huge Italian Market with restaurants and a school. Experience NoMad and MadParkNews are two great resources for checking out the neighborhood. You will feel welcome and comfortable here with friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues. Shorty’s is a quick cab ride or nice walk from many of the Midtown hotels. A comfortable Sports Bar for women traveling on business.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

Shorty’s Madison Avenue
66 Madison Avenue (27th Street)
New York, NY 10016

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Coffee Shop – Brazilian Fun & Great Food for 23 Hours on Union Square

The Coffee Shop Restaurant and Bar Union Square Manhattan New York
Business Travelers: Do you recommend Coffee Shop for

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Conducting Business; having a Business meeting?
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Women Business Travelers dining alone?
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Rating: 3.5/5 (5 votes cast)

Coffee shop is open 23 Hours a day? Their website asks what happens in that last hour, let us know what you think in the comments below. While the name Coffee Shop may mislead you into thinking diner, this Brazilian restaurant is terrific for breakfastbrunchlunchdinner or late night. The crowd is always up and fun, a mix of locals, tourists and city visitors to Union Square. Perfect place to go and check out the bustling and increasing lively, crowded Union Square area.

Sitting on top of the 4th busiest subway station in New York City, Union Square, the many lines stopping here make for easy access and the police station inside the station make all hour access comfortable. A quick cab is also enjoyable.

The Coffee Shop Experience: All of the these BarTaste meals have made me bump up my exercise level to keep up with all of the calories. Sunday morning finds me at a furious boot camp exercise class at the gym. I am famished afterward and decide to go to Coffee Shop for a nice brunch at the bar. The meal quickly cancels all the effort I put in that morning. It is 11:50 AM, I know exactly because I decide to have a Bloody Mary but no booze until after Noon so I take a look at the menu and wait patiently.

I sat down at a bar seat facing the front of the restaurant providing a good view of the door, the street through the windows and the entire restaurant through the large glass wall which separates the bar area (with booths) from the rest of the restaurant. There is another seating area in a room in the back. The bar has the shape of a old school traditional diner counter, an extended s-shape with three loops protruding into the room, seats on all sides and room for the bartender to walk up to every seat. I estimate about 35 seats making for a big selection. Sit on the second loop facing the door for the best view. Bartenders, hostesses and other customers are very friendly.

Coffee Shop has always been a favorite. I go there for all meals, take visitors, friends and colleagues. Sometimes a scene, maybe a gaggle of models, but Coffee Shop is always welcoming with great service and great food. My Bloody Mary arrives and I order Colombian Arepa with Poached Egg, Chorizo, Spinach & a Truffle Hollandaise, a good protein replacement after a crazy workout. Egg whites and oatmeal would have been better for me but why start now? Wow, this is the perfect brunch.

The place starts to fill up for brunch, I meet a few tourists from England and others who are trying to recover from their Saturday night before. Most seats in the restaurant are terrific but the outdoor seating is some of the best as well. Sit outside facing Union Square Park (free wifi). In chillier weather there are gas heaters outside for a little warmth.

Business Travelers: Coffee Shop is the place to go if you want to get just a taste of, not immersion into, the New York evening and early nightlife scene while having a terrific meal. It is not over the top and just far enough downtown from Midtown to put you in the midst of several very fun Manhattan neighborhoods: Union SquareFlatironGreenwich Village, NoMad, East & West Village, Chelsea and Gramercy. Union Square is accessible by many subway lines and or a quick cab. A nice walk down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park. Need a late place to cap off the night or have middle of the night meal? Here is your place. Union Square is always crowded. Check out the Union Square and lower Fifth Avenue Shopping (between 14th & 23rd). A comfortable place for women traveling on business. Maybe not many business travelers in Coffee Shop but if you are looking for a casual, fun, New York place where you will feel at ease and welcome, head here with your co-workers, clients or colleagues.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆ 

Coffee Shop
29 Union Square West (16th Street)
New York, NY 10003

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Terrific New Years Eve Dinner at Rosemary’s

Terrific New Years Eve dinner at Rosemary’s in Greenwich Village

2013 New Years Eve Times Square

Some friends came with us as we celebrated the arrival of 2013 at Rosemary’s in Greenwich Village. What a fun time! The food was wonderful and the service was some of the best ever in New York. Thanks Rosemary’s. Welcome 2013!

French Roast – Longtime 24 Hour Fun Village French Bistro

Finishing up bar meal reviews from 2012. We have some exciting plans for 2013. Happy New Year!

French Roast Restaurant Downtown Greenwich Village Manhattan New York

Business Travelers: Do you recommend French Roast for

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Co-workers, Colleagues or Customers?
Conducting Business; having a Business meeting?
Dining alone?
Women Business Travelers dining alone?
Friendly staff, patrons and good service?
Enjoyable food?
Meeting other Business Travelers?
Rating: 3.1/5 (3 votes cast)

I have enjoyed going to French Roast many, many times over the years, mostly for breakfast. It is a great place to grab a seat in the window in the morning and watch Greenwich Village go by. I did just that on the day I moved back to New York this year from Philly. I sat down then, ordered a Croque Madame, and took in the sights. Never having been French Roast’s bar for a meal, I head over this night to check it out and have a meal at the restaurant bar.

The French Roast Experience: 8:30 P.M. on a Saturday night I head over to French Roast. The place is surprisingly only about half full and I easily get a seat at the bar. The restaurant has well thought out and well prepared Parisian Bistro menu. There are always the typical French classic meals along with some interesting and good specials. I don’t want to disappoint anyone who reads BarTaste, so of course I order the burger with fries. Both are delicious and are perfect for a Saturday night.

French Roast has two locations, Downtown Manhattan in Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side. This meal takes place in the downtown location but I have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner in both locations and have found them both thoroughly enjoyable.

The downtown bar faces the wall with about 8 seats on the long side and three around the short curve. I sit about fours seats from the end near the service area, good place to observe some of the restaurant and peer out the large windows onto busy 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas for the tourists.) There is a new bartender on tonight and she is doing a terrific job, taking control, working fast and keeping the mood very fun.

The uptown location has a bar facing the wall arranged about the same as its downtown sibling. No televisions.

Business Travelers: French Roast is a good, local, casual place with an upbeat vibe, perfect for a leisurely night out. It’s 24 hour availability is especially appealing. Not a rowdy place but lively with the tables close together. A great place for a group of friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues. More locals here than tourists or business travelers. Very good starting or ending point for a walking tour of what some say are the most beautiful blocks in Greenwich Village and the city, West 10th, 11th and 12th between 6th and 5th Avenues. Take a stroll through the streets of the West Village with beautiful residential blocks and shopping. Stop in at the Manhattan location of Brooklyn favorite Bien Cuit and check out their pastries, open until 9 PM. A comfortable place for women traveling on business.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★☆☆ 

French Roast – Downtown
78 West 11th Street
New York, NY 10011

French Roast – Uptown
2340 Broadway
New York, NY 10024

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