The Dutch – Comfortable, Terrific American. A Soho Spot Sure to Be a Regular Destination

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The Dutch occupies a prime corner at Prince and Sullivan Streets in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. The spot, west of West Broadway (a mouthful), is removed from the tourist onslaught centered on West Broadway and points east. This makes for a pleasant meal at a lively restaurant with terrific food. After a super strenuous workout at Barry’s Bootcamp in Tribeca, I’m strolling through Soho heading home to Greenwich Village on a beautiful afternoon. I approach The Dutch and realize this is exactly what the bootcamp instructor would want me to do, stop in for a fancy cocktail (or two!) and a big weekend brunch! The Dutch did not disappoint.

The Dutch Experience: The Dutch is a popular restaurant usually packed for brunch on the weekends. I arrive about noon and seem to have beaten the rush. The main dining room is closest to the street corner and the “bar room” is further back facing Prince Street. The day is beautiful and the large windows are all open to the street. The bar has three sides with about 4 seats on the shorter side and 7 on the long side with the final short side being a service area. The bar room has the bar in the center with seating along the walls. There are about six window seats looking directly out onto Prince Street. On a beautiful day like this, with the windows wide open, these are probably some of the best seats in the place. Sit here, enjoy the weather and watch the day walk by as you enjoy your meal. I sit at the bar, this is BarTaste after all, in a seat on the long side near the corner of the bar. This gives me a terrific view of much of the restaurant and the view out the windows to both Sullivan and Prince Streets. The bar staff are quite nice and friendly.

I start off with the Mellow Punch – Mellow Corn Whiskey, Maraschino Liqueur and freshly made orange and pineapple juices. Very tasty and a great way to start brunch. I spy the Pork Breakfast Roll with egg, cheese, mustard and a hot pepper. Being from Philadelphia, where Taylor’s Pork Roll is a big favorite, I ask about The Dutch’s version. It is house made and sliced thick. I order the Pork Breakfast Roll. My meal arrives and I know I did not go wrong. The thick cut pork roll, on a house made bun, is topped with beautiful, fluffy and cheesy eggs, seemingly an entire omelette. A tasty side salad completes the meal. The bun is topped with a hot pepper which I quickly slice and add to the sandwich. The food is wonderful and, as I begin to eat, it just gets better and better and I realize how large the sandwich is. This is a substantial meal and terrific, I take my time and enjoy every bite.

The Dutch Soho New York City Pork Breakfast Roll Brunch

The Dutch Pork Breakfast Roll, Eggs, Cheese, Mustard, Hot Pepper Photo Valerie C. Yelp

Business Travelers: The Dutch is a terrific destination located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood (South of Houston – that’s How-ston not Hew-ston!), worth the trip from most parts of New York. A great way to spend a day or evening in New York City with with friends, co-workers, clients or colleagues. The time I was there the clientele seemed to be mostly from the neighborhood so it is a good choice to sample one of New York’s neighborhood hangouts. Allow extra time to spend in Soho with it’s cast-iron buildings and experience some of the best walking, shopping and nightlife in the city. Although many of the galleries have moved to other neighborhoods such as West Chelsea, there are many still to see and beautiful streets for strolling, people watching and spending. This central location puts many other Manhattan nieghborhoods such as Greenwich Village, Noho, Lower East Side, Little Italy, Tribeca and Chinatown within easy walking distance. A comfortable place for women traveling on business.

BarTaste Rating  ★★★★☆

The Dutch
131 Sullivan Street (at Prince St)
New York, NY10012

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Sometimes we are in the mood for a classic diner breakfast but being in the trendy and pricey Meatpacking District in Manhattan leaves few options. Luckily I remembered The Diner which turned out to be a good fit. Diner food at a place called The Diner, sometimes it’s just too obvious. This place has several big pluses. It’s location in the center of the Meatpacking District is an ideal choice for calming those hunger pangs without spending big. The large windows on the corner location allow for lots of people and sidewalk entertainment watching. The large section of outdoor seating, wrapping the corner, makes a great place to spend time on a beautiful day.

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Cittanuova – A Great Treat At The Beach, Good Food & TVs with Sports

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Summer is over, not officially yet, but Labor Day has passed. We had a very nice bar meal outside of our usual locales. Here is an East Hampton review of one of my favorite bars to eat and watch sports or engage with a very friendly crowd. Trying to remember the good summer and extend it just a bit with this edition of BarTaste.

Out in the East End of Long Island in East Hampton I am enjoying a relaxing weekend with friends. I decide to break off to walk around the village when I come upon Cittanuova, a place where I have had many good meals and spent several Monday nights watching Monday Night Football in one of the few places with large televisions tuned to sports, Rowdy Hall is another. This being East Hampton, this contemporary Milanese Italian’s menu is higher end than others places televising sports, just another reason why I was pleased to be walking in the door to find a seat at the bar.

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Here at BarTaste we are continuing to beef up our reviews of Sports Bars, especially now that we are at the midpoint of the baseball season. The MLB All Star Game 2013 was on Tuesday night so I decided to head out to watch the game and have a meal at the bar. A friend recommended Smithfield and the Smithfield Burger which comes with foie gras and truffles! Of course I did not pass up the opportunity to order another burger, I know I promised no more burgers but foie gras and truffles! It did come recommended and I was not disappointed.

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Burger & Barrel – Wine on Tap, Barrels of Beer and Great Burgers in SoHo

Burger & Barrel Restaurant Manhattan SoHo New York Bar

The chalk sign on the sidewalk prepares you for Burger & Barrel with a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr: “Wine Is A Food.” Burger & Barrel, B & B by which it is known, has an extensive and impressive wine list along with several very good wines on tap. Various carefully selected Barrels of Beer, along with the Wine, compliment some of the best burgers in New York.

Judging by the name of the place don’t be surprised by what I order, of course another burger. No hating my fondness for burgers and the burger kick I have been on for many recent reviews. This will not turn into a burger review site, I promise. There are too many good burger review sites out there already. I will certainly expand my food horizons next time.

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Minetta Tavern – Old Village Charm, French Bistro attracts a Hip Crowd

Minetta Tavern Greenwich Village Manhattan New York

I order a medium Black Label Burger. This burger is simple: a selection of prime dry-aged beef cuts with caramelized onions and pommes frites. The smaller, and $9 cheaper, Minetta Burger comes with cheddar so I tell the bartender that I’d like to get cheese with that and he says one word “No.” Now the bartender has been very nice and attentive so far, his response was not meant to be admonishing, rather some good advice. I said “but I like cheese” and he again says “No.”

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